From the hidden to the obvious

The dimension between soft and hard skills

We are proud to share this relic

An exciting fact about tolerance to monotony

Relic - when tests opened the gates

What Maslow didn't say

Reaction time - quick and easy measurement

Watching fatigue growing

Why are IQ tests frustrating?

Color of trust

The hidden issue of the interviews - the Psychological Contract

We can draw the rumor

Good stress is good

Shoeshine and smile

Dissatisfied satisfaction

Instrumental measurements drive psychology at work

The reverse assessment centers

The limits of soaring

Handling conflicts takes more than just talking about it.

The power of colors

Success seeking

Without boundaries

Measuring emotional intelligence

When 3D works

More experience, more thrill, more excitement!

Discipline vs. personality trait

About the origins of assertiveness

Ergonomics - about workplace design

Success after success

A step into the dark

Ball on the road

The Pygmalion effect

The loss of innocence

The pursuit of individual benefit harms the majority

Work avoidance

Colors of mother and daughter

Selecting the selection tools

Escape Route


Attention! Selective!

The Barnum effect

Rationality wins

Is technology our life?

In our hands is the dynamics

Our true nature

Loosening and binding

Nobel Prize winner or homeless?

On the Obsolescence of HR Tools

The applicant decides

Truth and Reality

Is it worth appearing pink?

What does the Post-it message say?

Data reading - a future-oriented skill

Reality pays off

From Execution to Support Levels for Effective Change

Who shall we sit next to?

The Best Resume

Competing Competencies - AC/DC

Contribution - problem solving or development?

Role Battles

Motivation, need, incentive

Is assertive delegation leadership?

Building and Dissolving Groups

A dysfunctional organization

Communication disorders

Organizational downgrade

I'm talking about leadership

Regarding the psychological tests we utilize

Making Strides

Management Intent: A Relic of the Past

The Importance of Common Language


Companifying © - Toolkit for Managers

Companying © and the Business Model

The Misled Organization – Trapped by KPIs

The Organization That Never Repeats Itself

Let's replace the organizational chart with a Contribution Map.

The Trap of Planning

Strategic Psychology – Companifying©

Leadership Issues

The Practice of Innovation

The two sides of selection - interpreting the candidate results differently

The fruits of leadership - you just have to pick them

Expanded, we've expanded!

Tasks that measure what needs to be done

The Question of Choice


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