with our built-in prescreening expertise supports people management decision makers in discovering the missing link between the hard and soft skills, the personal working style.

Workforce stability - the competitive advantage that leaders drive

Workplace behavior is a matter of choice


Our assessment methodology explores what behavioral tools the external or internal candidate uses to address the three dimensions of organizational collaboration/leadership


  • the operational framework (how the company works, incorporation)
  • day-to-day progress (setting goals, meeting plans) and
  • managing situations of uncertainty (decision-making, risk-taking).


These tools are a combination of previous work experience, personal successes and failures, individual motivation, and willingness to take on tasks and roles.


We use three action tasks to identify behavior;

our methodology is not a self-descriptive questionnaire. Candidates decide which behaviors they choose to adopt when completing the tasks, and we monitor these choices.


Obtain tangible data on:


  • whether they are prepared to challenge existing rules or prefer a strictly regulated environment,
  • whether they require micro-management or are micro-managers themselves,
  • do they prefer to delegate or do they want to solve tasks and problems themselves,
  • how tolerant they are of time pressure or do they overwork themselves at the risk of burn-out,
  • how much they are carried away by events or how much they are the ones who set and pursue goals.

Organizational skill

Technical proficiency

Logistics proficiency


We use these skill sets in addition to workprobes.online.  Short 5-7 minutes quick quizzes are taken to identify existing skill levels and define the focus of initial professional training.


Those who are recruited will receive tailor-made training on statistical process control, solving common technical problems and managing logistic systems or using project management tools.

LPO - Ethics

Success seeking and failure avoidance

3 factor personality test

Psychological Contract

IQ and EI Q


In positions with sensitive business information or data handling, or with high material or personal responsibility, the risks can be minimized based on LPO (Liability, Priority, Obedience) results.


When we measure emotional maturity and regulation, the results are aligned with behaviors that are congruent with job positions. Additionally, the candidate’s cultural fit to the environment within the company will support tailored actions and tools from existing leadership within the company in order to enhance the candidate’s potential and speed for growth.

- a long needed psychometric tool

The assessment results are used to facilitate onboarding and incorporation especially in positions which require adult coping strategies and with high emotional load.


There is an emotional intelligence type for every type of success.


Our own research shows that  while the extreme values of rational intelligence hinder adaptation to the situation, the different types of emotional intelligence facilitate and support successful performance in different areas, in different ways.


Our research measured the knowledge of the groups with the highest scores in their own domains about emotions and their use. We have identified three basic EI types.

The long distance running auditor


On one end of the scale the Technical and  the Mediator type emotional intelligence refers to represent rules, laws, institutional expectations without personal involvement.

Our favorite teacher


In the middle is the Coordinator's effort to reconcile rules and regulations with the personal attitudes, desires and concerns of those in the situation.

Shoeshine and smile


On the other end of the scale the Facilitator and the Influencer use emotions as a tool to facilitate task completion, communication or problem solving.

The results are taken as an expression of the actual level of the emotional intelligence (skill) as a subject to development and not as competencies or personality traits since the assessment is a psychometric tool and not a self-evaluating, self-descriptive scale.

Sales Booster


A salesperson’s routine and its alignment to the company’s sales practices is not only important during recruitment, it is also important when developing training methods within the company.


Established behaviors within the sales community represented by archetypes such as Hunters, Farmers, Harvesters, Fishermen and Urban (non-sales) types offer insight into in what measure the daily activities of salespeople are aligned with both the market and the product or service provided or sold.


Our assessment offers the investigation of that match, and as such is an easy to use tool for utilizing these attributes in the hiring and development processes being essential to smooth running operations.


The assessment results are presented as the preference rank of the five basic sales types:

Is a salesperson or not a salesperson?

Urban       No sales


If is a salesperson, what is the applicant best at selling?

A one-time contract on the mass market (insurance, travel, phone, etc.) - Hunter

Costumer satisfaction (personalized services, price, etc.) - Farmer

A solution to a specific problem (engineering projects, consulting  etc.) - Fisher

A brand

(new product introduction, availability, etc.) - Harvester

Based on the results, onboarding or training of salespeople can be focused on changing daily routines in case of new hires or the company changes its sales strategy or the target markets.

A unique feature other assessment methods won`t offer - the leader profile matching the candidate`s needs in support and supervision.

Our Companifying platform turns personal perception, beliefs about responsibilities, task preferences and decision making into hard data using the repertory grid method.



Our spider web analysis is both diagnostics and action plan.


It shows how much difference there is in role interpretation of a position between associates, and a simple tool for re-designing and improving communication.


We don’t introduce anything new into the organization.
We refine co-operation, remove unnecessary workloads, and increase the associates' freedom to make decisions, their responsibility, and contribution to business results.

The business impact of a position; self assessment and appraisal by ten associates - the associates expect more and something else from the holder of the position, than she considers rightful and obligatory.

Until a position is judged so different, the outcome of all developmental interventions and changes is uncertain and their impact is hardly predictable.

What we provide: the position and all positions have a clear role and all positions are linked in a communicational network.

The first step is to draw the "real" contribution area of the position, the second to communicate this area, and the third to maintain and "fill". The position holder makes the decisions and takes responsibility; the leader feeds back achievements and rewards the contribution.


The meaning of the word means building and maintaining a well-functioning, clear-cut operation in line with the company's mission, strategy and goals.


This model breaks down the traditional, labor-intensive and time consuming organizational development - fast, change happens because it reinforces good practice and takes away the unnecessary workload coming from collaboration.


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