Every company has this in common: they transform clients' demands into financial results.

We align job positions, internal communication, and performance management with the profit producing processes unique to each business model and company


Thereby unleashing internal potential and reserves
connectedness by business contribution.

Replacing the Wave Model of
Change Management

Usually, OD interventions focus on moderating the waves triggered by problems related to poor execution of/or poor operational processes

assuming that

if employees do the same thing differently - perhaps with a new mindset - the desired change will take place, and

striving for

establishing and cementing an ideal state of work organization / distribution in line with management intent to have high efficiency and optimized costs of delivering the products or services.

Our Globe Model

Builds in a vertical axis of communication relating the actual market to the financial results of the company


  • ongoing adaptation to the always changing market demands,
  • delivery of profit and
  • personalizing and arranging the business contribution of the positions in a company network


establishing a heatmap of chains of position-related performances derived from high-level business KPIs.

How It Works

Defining intervention points and levels by turning personal perceptions into hard data.

When high grade-level/value employees are executing lower-level tasks, it's not only inefficient - it also sends a confusing message about the real nature of the role these people undertake in the company.

As a result, the 90 % of associates feel overloaded taking the responsibility for the value of about 90 % KPIs monitored.

Clarifying the chaotic state of role-understanding identified with our repertory grid method is
the journey leading to real change.

Management Framework

Replacing the traditional way of analyzing the intra- and cross-departmental processes

we link the daily activities of each position

to the process of producing financial results from market demand.

The shortest and most effective way of doing this is mapping the paths of performance data through levels of hierarchy beginning form the demand entry point up to the highest level of KPIs.

The number and the content of the data paths outlines the pillars of the management framework of the company.

Through the next three steps we create the management toolset for each position linking them to each other in handling business performance data.

The Management Toolset
by Position


Working with the company's management, we distribute a position's expected performance indicators and values they report.

This way we ensure the yield and continuous maintenance

the professional and organizational behavior expected from the role.


We upgrade the job descriptions to the business portfolio of the position.

The tasks are the junctions of the pillars of the business management framework and of the personal business contribution simultaneously.

The portfolio is a built-in change management tool; it serves as the basis for personal, business and market development through the regular F2F-s.


The face-to-face forms, which are created for each position through a hierarchical system, become practical guidelines for each manager to

  • increase the stability of the processes and at the same time the flexibility and adaptability to the market
  • maintain associates engaged with strategy and roadmap of reaching the goals
  • align personal portfolio development with the changes in company's portfolio.

Deploying the Changes

The management toolset is structured under

the umbrella

of the cascaded platforms of communication.

Once the new way of communication is in place and effective the company is ready to manage the “old” processes and its experienced experts in

a refreshingly
new and effective way

without overloading the people with change management while lifting off the overload they suffered earlier from.


  1. Success stories and difficulties – helps to define the pace of project progress
  2. Online 20 minute poll on business impact using the repertory grid method – diagnostics and the plan of intervention at the same time
  3. Management workshops – identifying the management framework and data paths
  4. Checking availability and measurability of data making sure that people can access and work with those
  5. Introduction of the managerial communication system based on the tool-sets.

All the changes are introduced by the management and through leaders; there are no trainings, no direct presence of the consultants.

The project duration depends on the availability of the management, minimum time required is four weeks. The size of the company hardly matters as we work with data paths instead of analyzing operational processes.

  • Imagine all employees manage their own work making the expected decisions, initiating the desired actions, contributing to the common results.

  • Imagine knowing your employees have all the resources necessary to do their job – instead of getting sidetracked by helping others do their job.

  • Imagine never having to wonder if the company is wasting precious time and resources on the wrong processes.

  • Imagine your business reaching its potential through efficient allocation of resources.

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