Prescreening (psychometrics since 1991)


– ALCOA Hungary and Mexico cca 25000 tests since 1991
– Ford Hungary cca 3000 tests between 1992 – 1997
– Richter Gedeon Russia establishment and deployment of prescreening methods (2012) for operators and white collar workers
– Reengineering and standardizing Terman Intelligence Test in Mexico, Honduras, Perú, Guatemala, Chile and Brazil (2006- 2007)
– Mylan Hungary prescreening of foremen –like operators cca 1000 tests (since 2011)
– Bonduelle Hungary postscreening of the personnel cca 700 tests (2013)
– Grupo Salinas Mexico establishing standard categories based on cca 16000 test of operators (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Perú, Argentina, Panamá, 2013)
– Methodological support with test batteries of human service providers (Grow Group, Pannon Job, Atwork Consulting and Trenkwalder at Lego Hungary, 2008 – 2014)

The company deals with the research, design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests for the measurement of psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits.

Test for personal work style:


Traits and abilities measured at most of Companies:

– Understanding written and oral instructions, actual context and relations (basic numerical, spacial intelligence tests)
– Adequacy of answers to specifics of the actual situation (what controls to use when) – perception meter to minimize human error
– Personal work style – relationship of accuracy and velocity while working to prevent scrap and ensure cycle time, to find those applicants who inclined to work consistently on high performance level
– Multitasking
– Following rules – if applicant is inclined to follow rules or inclined to seek and take risks; to prevent accidents and ensure standardized work
– Drive for performance – we are looking for people, who set high expectancy level in achieving results (with no direct control from the supervisor)
– Work motivation – we are looking for people who seek employment not only for material security but for performing daily tasks while lerning new ways of work and cooperation.

The methods applied are researched, designed standardized and verified by the organizational psychologist of the Company (dr Gáborné Farkas)
– at ALCOA for positions with elevated risks of accidents (conveyors, forklifts, press-operators, milling, lathe and CNC machines)
– at Ford Hungary, Lear Hungary and Grundfos Hungary for assembly and line operators
– at ALCOA for maintenance workers with no direct supervisory control for drive to work and personal work style
and taylored for each company specific requirement established by work and work place analysis.

The test results are documented, personal scores are based on tangible methods result of which is repeatable in any other time and circumstance. Intangible results as questionnaires with self-description or self-evaluation serve to support interview questions and focus areas.